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About MAGA News Network

MAGA News Network is pro western civilization. Western civilization is based on the Christian work ethic, the rule of law and limited government allowing free men to keep the fruits of their capital and labor.

Western civilization and its resulting technologies were so successful that a counter revolution based on redistribution of its bounty has been underway for decades. The so called mainstream media in the US has been a major part of the movement to reward the unproductive based on an ever expanding definition of fairness.

The anti west revolution accelerated under Obama. He set the world on fire with foreign adventurism. He brought in refugees from the countries he destroyed as well as opening the southern border as the border patrol became welcome wagon. High crime rates among illegals and refugees feed racial animosity.

He fomented a victim mentality among the black population by encouraging false narratives about police behavior towards blacks. Stirring up hatred towards the police in the black population is heinous. Neutering the police led to higher crime rates and failing inner city economies.

Under Obama political correctness, militant feminism and cultural relativism represented a direct attack on western culture. The media’s support for Obama never wavered.

The election of Donald Trump was a massive shock to the media that had successfully pushed the anti western agenda for decades. Their response has been to spew forth a venomous stream of lies and distortions. In addition the large social media companies have ratcheted up attempts to censor pro Trump information.

The goal of MAGA News Network is to provide in one website a diverse source of news and opinion in support of Western Civilization!

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