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Lying Fake News Media

Democrats make fun of CNN! Fake news!

CNN: The Clown News Network

CNN is a joke. Literally. Conan O’Brien, Joel McHale, Larry Wilmore, and even Barack Obama tell the truth about CNN in comedy. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!

Trump speaks truth to MSM! Fake news!

Trump Returns To US, Immediately Slams ‘Fake’ News Media On Twitter

President Trump resumed one of his favorite activities on Sunday, just hours after returning to the U.S. following his first presidential overseas trip. The Republican blasted the “fake” news media in a series of tweets, accusing reporters of fabricating anonymous sources for some stories. Trump had avoided publishing any controversial tweets during his 9-day foreign visit.

CNN unwatchable! Fake news!

Roger Stone: POTUS Should Revoke the ‘Credentials of CNN’, ‘Press Credentials Are Only For Real News Organizations’ (VIDEO)

At a speaking event wherein Roger Stone mused about a variety of topics, he was questioned on daily press briefings and their necessity or lack thereof. The question came from Rebel Media’s D.C. Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec: “Roger, given the state of the media today, what do you think about these daily press briefings?

Voters favor body slamming media! LOL! Fake news!

Media: “Republican Greg Gianforte wins Montana special election after body-slamming reporter”…

Too funny. Um, I don’t think the political opinion writers at ABC are “writing” that headline with the same perspective as voters “reading” it. [Story Here] Republican candidate Greg Gianforte easily won his election bid for congress. The media are apoplectic about the brazen victory – without even considering the possibility that Gianforte is less…

Article about lefts harrassment trying to create incident! Fake news!

Left’s Harassment of Republicans Finally Paid Off in Montana

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to earn some extra money (and have no ethics or morals) you grab a camera and go where you might conceivably run into a celebrity. Then you harass them. Yell racial slurs, use obscene language about their grandmother or daughter, attack their politics or generally make a nuisance of yourself.

CNN analyst says Manchester is false flag! Fake news!

CNN Analyst Absurdly Suggests Manchester Terror Hit a Right-Wing False Flag – Geller Report

An analyst for CNN, fondly dubbed the Clinton News Network by some on the conservative side of thinking, actually suggested the ISIS-tied terror attack in Manchester was a false flag. You read that right. Paul Cruickshank, CNN terror analyst, told Anderson Cooper on AC360 that a suicide bomber more than likely killed 22 and injured more than 100 during the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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