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Lying Fake News Media

Trump refutes WAPO nonsense about classified info with Russians Fake news!

Donald Trump pushes back on Washington Post report in tweets

President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning against a report that he shared classified intelligence information with Russian officials last week, saying he has “an absolute right” to share facts pertaining to terrorism and airline safety. “As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H.

Wapo whose owner Bezos has $600 million contract with CIA publishes anti Trump fake news article after article Fake news!

Did Washington Post Just Publish Its 4th Major #FakeNews Story in Last Week?

The Washington Post has had a very busy week. The DC paper has published screaming headline after headline that turn out to be complete trash. Even the National Enquirer would be red-faced after at this point. It’s as if the WaPo will print anything for clicks. They’ve become a click-bait site.

Timing of bogus classified Russia story covers up for Seth Rich Wikileaks and stand down on investigation of his murder! Russia is Fake news!

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Classified info to Russia story cover up for Seth Rich contact with Wikileaks and stand down on investigation of his murder! Russia is Fake news!

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Russia collusion is … Fake news!

Anatomy Of A News Media Hoax: CNN/MSNBC ‘Collusion’ Montage

News media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have been leading the charge in pushing a multilayered narrative predicated on unsubstantiated assertions in order to frame Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. Hillary Clinton, it is suggested or openly stated by Democrats and their news media allies, would be today’s president were it not for a campaign of political subterfuge directed against American democracy by the Russian government.

Fake News doesn’t do journalism so Alternative media gets the scoops! Fake news!

What Happens When The Pro-Trump Media Get Actual Scoops?

Last March, in a 60 Minutes segment on fake news, CBS’s Scott Pelley introduced a vast new audience to Mike Cernovich, touting the pro-Trump blogger and self-help author as a troll “who has become a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.”

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