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Lying Fake News Media

Full Cernovich 60 minutes transcript on Fake News.
Sixty minutes only showed 2 minutes. Thats Fake News!

Here is the full 60 Minutes Interview Transcript with Mike Cernovich

The 60 Minutes segment on fake news said some mean stuff about me and that’s OK. The segment was hard-but-fair. I can self-promote on my own and expect journalists to hit me hard when appropriate. ( Watch the 60 Minutes segment here.) Scott Pelley and I sparred for over 45 minutes.

POTUS Trump Calls Out Media For Russia Story ‘Fake News,’ ‘Total Scam’

President Trump ripped the media on Saturday over the Russian controversy. He called out the media for being ‘fake news’ and said the story was a ‘total scam’. The fake news media just can’t handle the loss.

Wapo writes numerous article promoting cyber firm that claimed Russia hacked DNC!

WaPo in Pay-for-Play Scandal – Phony Experts Given Free PR, Leading to Questions about Money…

The Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima is in the journalistic scandal of her career, with inquisitive journalists asking why she gave millions of dollars of free publicity to a discredited business that directly profited from the “Russian hacker” hysteria. Nakashima failed to disclose material information to her readers in several stories, with one blatant conflict-of-interest standing out.

Well known left wing Russia studies professor calls out fake news on Russia hacking!

Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Stephen Cohen RE: The Vast Russian Conspiracy…

Dr. Stephen Cohen appeared on Tucker Carlson Fox broadcast to discuss the ‘vast Russian planetary conspiracy’ plot against America: Riddle me this: The Mexican government openly admits to spending millions of dollars to influence U.S. elections; a Mexican billionaire owns the most influential U.S. media outlet (NYT); the Mexican government spends tens of millions to…

Proof that the Fake News Media Lied about the “Refugee” Crisis

On assignment from Cernovich Media, I traveled to Budapest-Keleti Railway Terminal in Budapest, Hungary to get the truth about the “refugee” situation. My original reporting blew the lid open on the media lies. My photos were seen millions of times. You can find them here and here.

Rush Limbaugh rips Ted Koppel’s ‘surreal’ special: ‘These people are the architects of fake news’

Radio host Rush Limbaugh ripped journalist Ted Koppel Monday for a “surreal” weekend story that framed bastions of conservative media as bad for America. CBS News’ latest broadcast of “Sunday Morning” featured a piece on modern media’s ability to polarize the electorate.

Media’s fake news charge is boomeranging again! So a list of Fake news media personalities that colluded with Hillary campaign!

REVEALED: The Real Fake News List

By Chris Rossini We’ve seen the make-shift “fake news” list created by a leftist feminist professor . Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water. This list…

Epic “Sixty Minutes” fail! Tries to label Cernovich fake news!

WIN: Cernovich Puts Mainstream Media on Defense in 60 Minutes Appearance

I just got through watching the 60 Minutes segment on “fake news,” which featured friend of the site Mike Cernovich. Many people expected him to get decimated in this piece since it was obviously designed to be a hit job from the get-go. The thing…

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