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Lying Fake News Media

All Government-Funded Science is FAKE SCIENCE!

In this eye-opening podcast, the Health Ranger reveals why nearly all government-funded science is FAKE SCIENCE! Stay informed at http://FakeScience.news and http://Censored.news

Media responds to Trump’s ‘fake news’ charge – by pumping out fake news!

President Trump, in his extraordinary press conference last week, called out the media for its brazenly biased reporting. In the 77-minute presser, he dissected their stories, called out the incessant tone of “anger” and “hatred” and clearly enunciated his view that the Trump White House is running just fine, no thanks to them.

“Very Fake News”? You Bet

I moved to Europe in 1998, and it was just about that time that the went online in a serious way. I still remember sitting at an Amsterdam café one day at happy hour and having an American tourist say to me, with obvious wonder: “Did you know that you can read the New York Times online every day?

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