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Good video on CNN fake news! Fake News!


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Trump tweets about Awan brothers, defeating media blackouts! Fake News!

BOOM! POTUS Trump Crushes Liberal Media Blackout — Tweets on Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal

Three brothers who managed office IT for government officials were relieved of their duties in February on suspicion that they accessed specific computer networks without permission, also known as hacking. Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives in February.

Fake news essay! Fake News!

The Fake News Rabbit Hole

Foreword Recently the news dropped that I’ll be co-directing Mike Cernovich’s second documentary production, Hoaxed: The Media’s War On Truth. Not only is this an exciting development in my exo-Hollywood film career, it’s a subject I’ve been fascinated by for a long time, which explains why 90% of the following article is from a draft…

Sarah Palin taking down New York Times for slander! Fake News!

Sarah Palin’s Latest Move With NY Times Lawsuit Shows Why They Call Her “Mama Grizzly” ⋆ WayneDupree.com

Palin is suing the Gray Lady over a June editorial linking one of her political action committee ads to a 2011 mass shooting that severely wounded Arizona Democrat Gabby Giffords and killed six people, including a 9-year-old girl.

German media refuses to cover refugee crimes! Fake News!

German media failed to report refugee crisis honestly, study finds

People await refugees in Frankfurt in 2015. Photo: DPA An influential German institute has studied thousands of article published by daily newspapers during the refugee crisis. Their conclusion: journalists lost their objectivity and drove a wedge through society.

Media Russia Russia refuses to cover Saudi’s destruction of Yemen! Fake News!

Why Don’t Internationalists Care About Yemen?

Around 4:30 pm on a sunny April afternoon in 1937, the left-leaning, staunchly republican residents of the Basque town of Guernica were startled-then horrified-by the bombing campaign of the Nazi German Condor Legion, which struck them over and over again for two hours.

Left upset about trumps speech to boy scouts! He tell the scouts to beware Fake News!

Trump Warns Boy Scouts About Fake News

President Trump gave a speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree, where he warned them about fake news, and gave them some encouragement about achieving their goals, so of course liberals are upset about it.

Media continually attacks Trump ignored all the democrat scandals! Why shouldn’t Trump Jr. want dirt on Hillary! Fake News!

Donald Trump Jr. Wanted Dirt On Hillary From the Russian Govt. – OMG That’s AWESOME!

The “worse” the Donald Trump Jr. “scandal” gets, the more I know Republican voters chose the right guy to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. At first it looked as though the meeting in question was over something touchy-feely, like adoption. Upon hearing that, my first thought was, Wait.

Prager attacks media as more dangerous than Russia! Fake News!

VIDEO : Dennis Prager Explains Why the Liberal Media is a Bigger Threat than Russia

Radio talk show host Dennis Prager has just made a bold statement that’s bound to ruffle the feathers of the biased liberal media. While chatting with “Fox & Friends,” Prager stated that the media is more of a threat to Western civilization than Russia. We agree! ESPECIALLY CNN, MSNBC,

Memes war versus fake news media! Fake News!

CNN Succumbs To Meme Warfare – Vol. IV

In attempting to shame the creator of a meme they didn’t like, CNN inadvertently opened the flood gates of meme warfare, and now find themselves the target of more memes than ever before! Submit your own meme for a chance to win $20,000.

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