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Kill Shot Against The Mueller Investigation!
Steve MAGA
July 23, 2017

The Mueller Special Counsel Investigation is a giant fraud foisted on the American People. It’s an attempt by the Republicrats to destroy the Trump presidency. Trump’s attorneys and communication team must expose this politically motivated fraud. Luckily Trump has an ace in the hole, a kill shot that will absolutely destroy Mueller’s investigation!

How did a Special Counsel even get appointed?

Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to investigate claims that, in some way, the Trump campaign illegally colluded with the Russians to influence the Presidential campaign in Trump’s favor. He was appointed by Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein after Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

There has been a lot of noise about the Russians since Wikileaks started releasing the DNC emails and, later, the Podesta emails. The information contained in these emails was very damaging to the Clinton campaign. Democrats blamed Russia for the hacking. Yet Wikileaks head, Julian Assange, repeatedly said it wasn’t Russia.

The claim became that the Russians hacked the election. This was used as a bizarre attempt to delegitimize President Trump’s victory. Trump was an alien in D.C. He was completely immune to the control of lobbyists that hold sway over our elected representatives. So, despite Republican control of the House and Senate, the intelligence committees in congress started investigations into the Russia collusion farce.

The media started a non-stop McCarthy style campaign to impugn any Trump associate who had contact with a Russian as a criminal. This vile witch hunt succeeded in convincing Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. It also forced General Flynn to resign.

The continued leaks in the press about Trump associates’ contacts with Russians are felonious. These leaks about innocent Americans suggest a pervasive campaign of politically motivated spying by Obama’s intelligence appointees. Every leak regarding Trump associates and Russia is just more proof that Obama was illegally spying. Everytime you hear “Russia, Russia, Russia!” think: “Illegal spying, spying, spying!”

Trump decided to fire Comey. Comey had a long history of protecting the Clintons and was, evidently, very well rewarded for doing so.


Assistant AG Rosenstein wrote a letter ripping Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. Trump used the letter as the basis for firing Comey.

Of course, the Democrat colluding media raised a hell storm over Comey’s firing. Leaks concerning Comey’s interactions with Trump appeared in the papers. The media, naturally, was full of stories about Trump obstructing the farcical Russia investigation.

With Sessions recused, Rosenstein jumped into the breach. Despite having written the letter advocating Comey’s termination, Rosenstein appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Russian collusion farce. Rosenstein appointed Comey’s BFF Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. Mueller was FBI director for Bush and Obama before Comey.

James Comey admitted to leaking memos he claimed he created after his conversations with Donald Trump. These memos were government property and potentially classified. What laws did Comey break leaking these emails? Comey testified under oath that he leaked the memos, hoping to get a Special Prosecutor appointed. Say what?

Comey also admitted under oath that Trump was never under investigation. Nevertheless, Comey’s intent was to paint President Trump as having obstructed justice. Because of the conflict of interest, Mueller is prevented from investigating obstruction.

Mueller has hired fifteen high priced attorneys to investigate Trump. Most are donors to Clinton and Obama. One attorney was even employed by the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. So far there isn’t even a hint of a crime by Trump associates. Why so many attorneys? Why all hard- core Democrats?



How Trump Can Destroy Mueller’s Investigation:

Communication Strategy:
The first step is to recognize that this investigation is purely political. The Trump attorneys need to work with the communication team to eat away at public support for the investigation.

Five points should be emphasized:
1: The investigation is fraudulent.
2: What exactly is the crime?
3: Taxpayer cost
4: Punishment of innocent Americans.
5: Conflicts of interest.

#1. The Fraudulent Investigation:


From Rosenstein’s letter authorizing the Special Counsel, we find that the purpose of the Special Counsel is:
“…to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government’s attempt to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election.”

So the Special Counsel is supposed to investigate the Russian government! Think about this! This is a fraud and a farce! This sounds more like something for the State Department or the CIA. How are the actions of the Russian government subject to US law? This calls into question the very basis of Mueller’s entire investigation.
More specifically Mueller is supposed to investigate:
“Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”
“Any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”
This is McCarthy on steroids. Mueller is charged with investigating links between Americans and Russians not crimes?!

Notice that the intention is only to investigate Americans associated with Trump. Not a Clinton speech to Russians in exchange for $500,000. Not the “Pay to Play” when Hillary approved the Russian purchase of a company with 20% of US uranium, resulting in millions going to the Clinton foundation. Or the Russian $35 million investment in a company that had Podesta on the board.

#2. What’s the Crime?
To date no one can even identify a law that has been broken. In American law, there must at least be evidence of a crime in order for there to be an investigation. America isn’t a police state. Investigations aren’t based on political differences, but on solving crimes. What’s the reason for this investigation? Investigations without crimes are Stalinist. Real people’s lives are being destroyed by this politically motivated fraud.

#3. Taxpayer Cost:
Mueller has hired an army of legal hacks with unlimited budgets. Even without their clear anti-Trump bias, giving attorneys unlimited ability to bill is an affront to the taxpayer. These people are having a giant party at the taxpayers’ expense. What is the justification for spending all this money without evidence of even a single crime?

#4. Punishment of Innocent Americans:
The Mueller investigation has created a giant black hole that is sucking in hundreds of innocent people. These people are forced to hire expensive attorneys, destroying their life savings. Mueller is essentially making it against the law to work for the President. How will good people be willing to work for the government if they become subject to massively expensive politically-based litigation?

#5. Conflicts of Interest:
Robert Mueller’s relationship to James Comey makes his position untenable. The attorneys he hired also have potential conflicts of interest. All these need to be exposed. Opposition research needs to be undertaken. Every potential conflict of interest needs to be exposed.

Trump’s attorneys need to lead the charge. Trump can retweet anything the attorneys say or do to get massive coverage. This investigation is a political witch hunt that needs to be revealed. It needs to be defeated in the hearts and minds of the American people. Trump needs to find a at least a few congressmen and senators to support him with the media. This investigation is nothing less than a political coup.

Limit the Scope of the Investigation

Rosenstein’s letter specifies that anything before the 2016 Presidential campaign is off limits. Business relationships are off limits because they are not part of the Russian government. Conversing with a Russian government official, though within the scope of the investigation, isn’t in any way criminal. Let them go ahead and get testimony regarding such conversations, then make a report and go home. Stop wasting our money.

In order to make sure the scope of the investigation remains true to the original letter, AG Sessions needs to either end his recusal or to resign. Trump should then appoint an acting Attorney General above Rosenstein.

Kill Shot: Create a Grand Jury to investigate the massive illegal spying on Americans for political purposes!

The real reason for the “Muh Russia” perpetual narrative is to create cover for the massive spying on the Trump campaign for political purposes by the Obama administration. Based on the never-ending leaks about Trump associates’ contacts with Russians, it’s obvious that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign. But the Obama administration didn’t just spy on the Trump campaign. They spied on reporters they didn’t like, they spied on pro-Jewish groups who were fighting against the Iran deal, and they spied on congressional members.



The FISA court (Foreign Intellience Surveillance Act) has been reaming the FBI for ignoring the limits placed on spying against US citizens. Mueller was the FBI director as recently as 2013. The Inspector General’s report suggests the FBI was lying about spying on Americans without warrants all the way back in 2009. Mueller would suddenly be under investigation for serious crimes. How can he possibly investigate the administration that is investigating him? This is the real reason that Mueller is trying to destroy Trump: to prevent an investigation of spying. Investigate spying and it’s game over for Mueller!

Political spying is nothing less than the end of our republic. If the party in power has the ability to examine all the electronic communications of every citizen, then they have the power to destroy their opponents. It is nothing less than astonishing that Trump was able to win, despite the massive might of the US intelligence agencies turned against him. Investigate spying for the sake of the American republic and, “Ding, ding, ding!” – a massive bonus: destroy the Mueller investigation at the same time!

The Mueller investigation is a massive fraud on so many levels. It is also an attempted coup against our duly elected President. Luckily there is a simple way to destroy Mueller’s investigation. Create a Grand Jury and investigate the political spying by the Obama administration. Robert Mueller would find himself in the unfortunate center of that investigation. Bye, bye, Bobby!

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