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Lawless Left

Leftist terrorists Antifa beat Trump supporter! Lawless left!

Trump supporter talks about getting jumped by three men after rallies

Does the name Howard Caplan ring a bell? If so, you’ve likely heard about how the 48-year-old Northeast Philadelphia resident holds signs along Roosevelt Boulevard urging passersby to put Hillary Clinton in prison or research the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. On that latter mission, he once burst into the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to deliver a tirade during Christmas Mass.

Voter fraud investigation is train coming for the democrats! Lawless left!

Liberal States Get Jittery as Trump Looks to Clamp Down on Voter Fraud – Breitbart

Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has asked the states to hand over data from their voter rolls. According to Axios, that voter information regarding felony convictions, military status, and voter history. They have set a deadline for the middle of July.

Trump trolling Democrats over voter fraud investigation! Lawless left!

Trump chides states for not complying with voting commission

President Trump on Saturday questioned why some states won’t comply with a request from his voting commission for information about voters, asking, “What are they trying to hide?” Populous and liberal-leaning states such as California and New York are refusing to comply.

Clinton lying about sex in oval office with intern! MSM calls Trump pig! Lawless left!

Rep. Steven Smith on Twitter

This is what “unpresidential” and “obstruction of justice” look like, unless you work at @CNN. #DoubleStandards https://t.co/iCRwuTs1Il

Voter fraud Democrats secret weapon? Lawless left!

Terry McAuliffe Again Obstructs Efforts to Investigate Voter Fraud

The decision by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (D.) not to cooperate with a White House commission examining voting processes in federal elections comes after a year in which the governor circumvented the commonwealth’s supreme court to restore voting rights for convicted felons and stalled efforts by the Virginia legislature to fight voter fraud.

Why haven’t you heard of Awan brothers?? Lawless left!

Who are the Awan Brothers?

Check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MikeCernovich/

Antifa black masked Soros funded thugs bloody Trump supporter! Lawless left!

Antifa Protesters BEAT and BLOODY Trump Supporter in Philly (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Leftists Beat and Bloodied Another Trump Supporter Today- Far-left protesters, including Antifa thugs marched in Philly calling for Trump’s impeachment on Sunday. Trump supporters were also seen marching. As usual, far-left Antifa members instigated fights by grabbing at flags Trump supporters were carrying and calling them Nazi’s.

Good summary of Awan brothers scandal! Blackmail Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Lawless left!

The biggest scandal you’ve never heard of

WASHINGTON – One of the most bizarre spectacles in Washington is flying almost completely under the radar, even though much of it is playing out in public. And, it begs one simple question: Is someone blackmailing one of the top members of Congress in plain sight?

Grassley pushing AG office on McCabe investigations! Lawless left!

Acting FBI boss McCabe referred to justice watchdog for new investigation over potential conflicts in Russia case

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley is demanding the Justice Department’s Inspector General investigate whether acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe engaged in potential conflicts of interest during the Russia election investigation.

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