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Dirty Comey Clinton bag man! Lawless left!

Comey Investigated Clintons Four Times: Let Them Off Each Time While He and His Family Benefited from Clinton Related Work

Guest post by Joe Hoft Former FBI Director James Comey was involved in at least four different Clinton scandals and in all cases he let them off! 1st Encounter Comey’s first encounter with the Clinton’s was in 1996 when he: served as deputy special counsel to the Senate special committee on the Whitewater investigation, chaired …

Discussion of dirty democrat deeds! Lawless left!


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Seth Rich story has Dems in panic! Murdered leaker! Lawless left!

Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

Saturday, an anonymous person who works in Washington DC, alleged on 4Chan’s /pol/ subgroup that high-ranking current and former Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder investigation. This comes after internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim DotCom, admitted on Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get …

Professor advocating killing whites! Lawless left!

Black Professor Teaches Students To ‘Kill White People’

Even as “concerned students” rally to his defense, former students are revealing even more recordings of a Texas A&M professor advocating violence against white people. Curry and his defenders insist that recordings of him apparently advocating for “killing white people” were taken out of context.

Weiner goes to jail! So now we are supposed to forget about his computer! Lawless left!

New York Times Crank Defends Weiner Because of His ‘Young Son’ – Forgets About His Infamous Sext

New York Times White House Correspondent, Maggie Haberman was quick to defend Anthony Weiner after he plead guilty of sexting a minor and subsequently ordered to register as a sex offender. Haberman should be reminding Weiner that he has a very young son which is why he should be ashamed of himself, not scolding outraged …

Criminal Comey! Lawless left!

PROOF: Comey’s Anti-Trump Memo Is A LIE!

President Donald Trump is under fire after an explosive report in the New York Times quoted a memo from former FBI Director James Comey indicating Trump had asked him to cease the federal investigation into Michael T. Flynn.

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