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Lawless Left

Cernovich attacked! Lawless left!

Crowd Rushes Pro-Trump Supporters Screaming ‘Bill Clinton is a Rapist!’ on Stage at anti-Trump Rally (VIDEO)

Independent journalist, Mike Cernovich and reporter/activist, Joe ‘Rambo’ Biggs are live reporting from Austin, Texas today at an anti-Trump rally. Mike Cernovich went on stage screaming ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist!’ into a loud speaker while Joe Biggs captured it on video. The crowd booed Cernovich then rushed him.

Horrific attacks on white farmers in South Africa! Lawless left!

‘The horror experienced is almost incomprehensible’

LAST month, British woman Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn were woken at 2am by three men breaking into a window of their remote farm in Dullstroom, a small town in the northeast of South Africa, about 240km from the nearest capital city.

Insane crime statistics for non citizens! Lawless left!

Foreigners Now Account for 61% of Federal Arrests – Breitbart

Pew cited a report released last month by the Bureau of Justice Statistics to show that immigration offenses accounted for fully half of federal arrests in 2014, up from only 28% a decade earlier. Consequently, the Department of Homeland Security, which includes Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now makes more arrests than the FBI, DEA, BATFE, U.S.

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