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Charlottesville terrorist is Ukraine nationalist! Ukraine neo nazi’s are Soros allies! from coup Lawless left!

stranahan @stranahan

stranahan (@stranahan). Founder : Citizen Journalism School. Editor-in-Chief: ThePopulist.US. Host of Fault Lines with Nixon & Stranahan on Radio Sputnik.

Police stand down encourage Antifa violence! Lawless left!

Why Were The Police Held Back In Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is now a by-word for political violence. As you’ve probably heard, the Virginia college town played host to an alt-right rally that descended into violence on Saturday. Both the white nationalists and left-wing counter-protesters fought and beat each other with blunt objects for most of the morning.

Antifa attacks female reporter! Lawless left!

Female Reporter for The Hill Allegedly Punched by ‘Antifa’ Protester in Charlottesville

Taylor Lorenz was filming the site of the incident that left at least one person dead – after a car was driven into a crowd of “anti-fascist” protesters responding to a parallel white nationalist protest in the city. The suspect was identified by police late Saturday as 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr.

DNC mafia hides behind the deep state liars! Lawless left!

DNC Makes Unbelievably Feeble Response To Latest Russiagate Debunking Evidence

The US power establishment’s confrontation with Russia is too important to be left to the whims of facts and evidence. The sprawling plutocratic power structure that is loosely centralized in the United States has been on a collision course with both Russia and China for a long while now and it needs to move its chess pieces into place.

Former high ranking CIA official claims deep state will kill Trump! Lawless left!

#UnsealTheDeals on Twitter

Today, a CNN contributor and Mueller appointee named Phil Mudd bragged that “the government is going to kill Trump.” https://t.co/3YlOBGMWVZ

Man shoots neighbor in the head for supporting Trump! Lawless left!

Anti-Trump Fanatic Executes GOP Committeeman with Two Bullets to the Head — While His Wife Was Watching (VIDEO)

A West Goshen, Pennsylvania man shot his GOP neighbor twice in the head and killed him late Monday night. Clayton Carter, an unhinged anti-Trump fanatic, shot his neighbor twice in the head on his neighbor’s property. Clayton Carter has anti-Trump signs sprinkled on his lawn. He has a history of arguments with his neighbors.

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