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Censored! Media fascists attacking free speech!

Google caught ruining infowars search results blames contractor! Media fascists!

Google says rogue vendor violated guidelines by instructing contractors to rate InfoWars as untrustworthy site

Google said Monday that a vendor mistakenly told staffers working for the search engine that InfoWars should be ranked as a low-quality site. The prominent right-wing website – which has been known to stoke conspiracy theories – blasted Google on Monday after pro-Trump media personality Mike Cernovich shared screenshots that showed a Google contractor saying InfoWars should be rated as a “low-to-medium” reliable site since its stories are “often debunked.”

Google selling your search history to employers! Media fascists!

Google Hire could lay bare your entire search history for employers

IN THIS day and age, every boss is going to quickly Google a prospective employee before asking them to come in for an interview. But now the technology giant is working on project called Google Hire, which The Sun reports will help employers learn perhaps a little bit too much about their new recruits.

Google attacking infowars! What gives them the right! Media fascists!

Google Takes Out Major Contract to De-List InfoWars from Its Search Index UPDATE: Google Responds

UPDATE: Google has responded to Cernovich Media’s journalism: Google said Monday that a vendor mistakenly told staffers working for the search engine that InfoWars should be ranked as a low-quality site.

facebook hacking election in France! Media fascists!

Facebook Scrambles to Shut Down Pro Le Pen Accounts Before Election

The first round of French elections will be held on April 23rd, prompting Facebook to shut down pro Le Pen accounts, which they deem to be ‘fake.’ In an effort to fight ‘fake news’ or misinformation, Facebook has targeted 30,000 ‘fake accounts’ in order to control the information that its users consume.

facebook censoring LePen supporters in France

History Repeating – Ahead of French Election Facebook Blocks 30,000 Accounts…

A report surfaces today that Facebook has shut down 30,000 user accounts from France. The French election is in 10 days and given the nature of Facebook’s political activity in shaping national elections many are seeing a connection. […] In a blog post, Facebook said it was acting against 30,000 fake accounts in France.

Obama’s censorship board attacks the rights ability to comunicate!

Obama National Censorship Board Cracks Down On Alt-Right Media

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Scott Adams discussion on twitters deceitful censorship practices!

Scott Adams’ Blog

Earlier this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey contacted me to discuss my ongoing public observations that Twitter appears to be “shadowbanning” me because of my writings about Trump. Jack introduced me via Direct Message to Del Harvey, Twitter’s Head of Trust & Safety, for the official answer.

Sargon on You tube ad controversy and lefts attempt to control internet content!

The YouTube Controversy: Who Benefits?

1. Google lost a comparatively small amount from the boycott 2. The advertisers did it to get cheaper ads 3. Progressives want control over your content 4.

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