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Protecting Christians, fighting terror? Russia’s on it

A few years ago, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who then was Russia’s ambassador to NATO, warned that a new influence had appeared that was becoming a major threat to large segments of the world, namely, Asia, Europe and America. “There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the […]

Reddit Intensifies Censorship of Pro-Trump Content

Alex Jones breaks down how Reddit and other social-media ghettos are censoring the Pro-Trump movement and announces a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on 2/22/17 at 8PM Central. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more.

Tennessee on Twitter

Hi @jack, why was #Vault7 removed from trending list? Are you hiding your involvement in spying on Americans? #Wikileaks

The West Submits to Blasphemy Laws

“Now that Islamophobia has been condemned, this is not the end, but rather the beginning…” – Muslim Brotherhood affiliate Samer Majzoub, Canadian Muslim Forum. The motion still does not offer any definition or any statistics to support its claim that

Huffington Post Removes Blog Post Saying Trump Is ‘Absolutely Right’ About Sweden

Liberal website The Huffington Post removed a Norwegian writer’s blog post arguing that President Trump was “absolutely right about Sweden” when he criticized the liberal country’s immigration policies. Rene Zografos, whose home country neighbors Sweden, wrote that it’s not politically correct “for journalists to say or write that immigration in Europe is unsuccessful.”

Pakistani Suspects In House IT Probe Received $4 Million From Dem Reps

Five members of a Pakistani family under criminal investigation for allegedly misusing their positions as computer administrators for dozens of Democrats in the House of Representatives were paid at least $4 million from July 2009 to the present, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Investigative Journalist Beaten And Threatened, Creates Video Insurance Policy “I Am Not Suicidal”

Entities With A Lot of Power Are Systematically Attacking Those Investigating

Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian Ambassador Who Suddenly Died Monday in NYC

ditty_news_ticker id=”25027″] The John McCain Russian saga keeps getting more bizarre. Sen. John McCain as a presidential candidate in 2008 directly and illegally propositioned Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, to donate to the McCain/Sarah Palin GOP ticket, according to documents released by Wikileaks.


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