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ObamaGate: Deep State Spooks!

More on Ukraine scandal! ObamaGate!

Hannity Goes Off on Team Hillary’s Collusion With Ukrainian Govt Officials: “Where’s the Outrage?” (VIDEO)

As TGP previously reported, Hillary Clinton’s aides met with Ukrainian government officials and journalists specifically to dig up dirt on team Trump. The information gathered was then sent to the DNC and Hillary’s camp. The media sycophants are however, silent over Hillary Clinton’s antics during the presidential election which makes Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting pale …

Missing Hillary emails released?? ObamaGate!

Breaking=> Anon Twitter Acct ‘White Rabbit’ Just Dropped 28,000 Hillary Private Emails Online

As reported on Sunday at The Gateway Pundit website: A mysterious IT specialist, who goes by the name The Forensicator, published a detailed report that appears to disprove the theory that the DNC was hacked by Russia. The documents were copied on July 5th, five days before Seth Rich was murdered.

Hillary Ukraine collusion versus Don Jr nothing burger! ObamaGate!

Everybody Is Forgetting That Clinton Allies Did The Same Thing As Don Jr.

Many journalists reacted breathlessly to a New York Times report on Sunday revealing that President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian lawyer who indicated she had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Donald Jr. admitted to the June 2016 meeting – to which he brought campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump adviser Jared Kushner – but downplayed its significance.

Russian lawyer who met Don Jr no connection to Russian government! ObamaGate!

Trump’s Low-Level Russian Connection

In stories about her meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Natalia Veselnitskaya, the unlikely celebrity in the latest installment of the Trump-Russia story, is often described as someone with “connections to the Kremlin.” That’s misleading, although her involvement still says much about how power works in Russia.

Ukraine’s attempt to damage Trump in campaign! ObamaGate!

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country. Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election.

Guccifer 2 is a fraud to cover up real leak! ObamaGate!

New Research Shows Guccifer 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally, Not Hacked

New meta-analysis has emerged from a document published today by an independent researcher known as The Forensicator, which suggests that files eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona were likely initially downloaded by a person with physical access to a computer possibly connected to the internal DNC network.

Don Jr. Russian more spy games! ObamaGate!

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Donald Jr. Russian meeting backfired on the media! ObamaGate!

Donald Trump Jr. gathered members of campaign for meeting with Russian lawyer before election

Shortly before his father was formally nominated for president last summer, Donald Trump Jr. was approached by a Russian lawyer who set up a meeting to discuss a Russian policy, according to interviews with Trump family lawyers.

Seth Rich murder investigation! Deepstate scum! ObamaGate!

The Seth Rich Investigation – BullTruth – Medium

Update: July 7th, 2017 Matt Couch and the America First Media team have arrived in Washington, D.C. and now the hard work begins. Not to say it’s been easy up to this point -  far from it. …Matt Couch (@realMattCouch on Twitter) just received a 12 hour suspension for posting Kelsey Mulka’s D.C.

Leak after leak from Trump whitehouse! Deepstate scum! ObamaGate!

Donald Trump target of leaks at rate of one a day

President Trump has confronted “an unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information that threaten national security” since taking office, at the pace of a damaging leak a day, a congressional survey has found.

Russia hacking state election databases is nonsense! ObamaGate!

Georgia Sec. Of State Blasts “Fake News”; Says Media Biggest Threat To Democracy Not Russian Hackers

“Misinformation from the media or disgruntled partisans not only fuels conspiracy theorists but also erodes the first safeguard we have in our elections – the public’s trust. Failing to respect this process with accurate reporting is a disservice to the American people.

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