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ObamaGate: Deep State Spooks!

Awans clearly CIA asset! Full access to congressional emails! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

BOOM! Imran Awan Had Access to Email of Every Member of Congress — SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents (VIDEO)

Imran Awan Had Access to Email to Every Member of Congress – SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents! Imran Awan worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz for thirteen years since she came into office in 2004 as a Florida representative. She only fired him this past week and would have kept paying her “IT expert” even when …

Another Obama spook spying on Americans, Ben Rhodes! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

Former Obama aide Ben Rhodes is now a person of interest in the unmasking investigation

Former Obama White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Now that Trump is president deep state is still spying! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

BOOM! Report=> McMaster Caught Privately Communicating WH Internal Politics to Deep State McCabe

Sara Carter of Circa News is reporting that sources are telling her that NatSec Advisor, H.R. McMaster has been communicating White House internal politics to Deep State Acting FBI Director Andy McCabe. Carter then implied that more White House shake-ups are perhaps on the horizon.

Massive deep state spying on Americans during Trump campaign!! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

BOMBSHELL: Obama Aides Umasked HUNDREDS During Election Without Justification

Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed aides of former President Obama made hundreds of unmasking requests during the 2016 presidential election without justification. The Hill reports: Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), in a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, said the requests were made without specific justifications on why the information was needed.

John Brennan colluded with foreign intelligence agencies to elect Hillary! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

An article in the Guardian last week provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump. One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election – Hillary’s. Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy.

Clapper lied to congress about spying on Americans! Deep state spooks! ObamaGate!

Rand Paul Reminds MSNBC That James Clapper Is a Liar and Can’t Be Trusted About Russia Hacking

We were always at war with Eastasia. MSNBC, a seemingly neoconservative news outlet, is enraged that Congressional Republicans won’t accept-on blind faith-the intelligence community’s view that Russia was the source of the Podesta email hack.

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