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Deblasio staffer arrested for child porn! PedoGate!

De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography

A leading young Democrat and de Blasio administration employee has a secret taste for sickening kiddie porn that involves baby girls as young as 6 months old, court papers revealed Friday. Jacob Schwartz, 29, was busted for allegedly keeping more than 3,000 disgusting images and 89 videos on a laptop after downloading the filth from the internet.

People coming forward after seeing netflix expose of Baltimore pedophile ring! PedoGate!


Dutch banker pedophile story? PedoGate!

Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals ” Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

A former Dutch banker has given a sit down interview during which he claims that he was invited by members of the financial elite to participate in child sacrifice rituals. Ronald Bernard was a successful entrepreneur who ran a number of businesses before entering the world of finance.

The Hollywood pedophilia ongoing scandal PedoGate!

An Open Secret – A MUST WATCH!

An Open Secret A documentary on Hollywood Pedophelia Thank You Bucke Wilde for posting! Shout out to Tariq Nasheed for bringing it to my attention. While they go on and on about Nate Parker’s accusation, they neglect to mention the multiple convictions of these affluent film producers; most of whom still work in the industry today.

Man sentenced for running largest child porn website 900 arrests! PedoGate!

Florida Man Sentenced to 30 Years for World’s Largest Child Porn Website – Breitbart

Steven W. Chase, 58, of Naples, was handed down the sentence after he was convicted of multiple child pornography and child exploitation charges, the reported. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Chase created a website called “Playpen” on an open Internet network called Tor, where anonymous users communicate with each other through “hidden service” websites.

Judge protecting procurer in Epstein pedophile case! PedoGate!

The Biggest Freedom of the Press Case of 2017 Heats Up, as the NY Post Joins Cernovich’s Efforts to…

Did British socialite and media darling Ghislaine Maxwell act as a madame to billionaire pedophiles? Two plaintiffs in two separates civil cases allege she did. Yet in a highly unusual move, Federal judge Robert W. Sweet sealed broad swaths of the court records, keeping the key facts from public scrutiny.

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