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Political Cucks!

Antifa boy Paul Ryan was against Obama’s executive order protecting dreamers! Now he comes out against Trump ending DACA! Cuck!

Paul Ryan backstabbing Cuck attacks Trump over Arpaio! Primary target #1

What exactly do the Never Trump R.A.T.s (Republicans against Trump) think they are accomplishing?? Cucks!

Never Trumper Jeff Flake trailing badly in polls! Republican against Trump! R. A. T.! Cuck!

McConnell leaks conversations with Trump! Republican against Trump R.A.T. Cuck!

Paul Ryan’s despicable performance on CNN, white washing terrorist Antifa! Cuck!

New definition of Cucks republicans supporting Antifa! Romney, Rubio, McCain! Cucks!!

Republicans Embrace Movement That Wants To Destroy Them

President Donald Trump placed some of the blame for the Charlottesville violence on the “alt-left” Tuesday. That outraged his many critics and motivated them to defend left-wing rioters. Liberals and Democrats were quick to state that only one side – the alt-right – was to blame for this weekend’s chaos.

Astonishing there are actually a couple congressmen who support the president and aren’t Cucks!!

GOP Rep. Demands Mueller Testify In Public Congressional Hearing Over ‘Conflicts of Interest’ With Hillary Clinton

This week, the world learned Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has expanded far beyond its initial scope. Reports surfaced of a predawn FBI raid of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s home, along with subpoenas issued to various banks.

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