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Pound Congress Save the Republic
Steve MAGA
June 17, 2017

Since Trump won the election the Democrats have been fighting a massive war to destroy his presidency! There were demonstrations! There were riots! There were recounts! There was a campaign to threaten and turn electors! There have been repeated illegal leaks of classified information! There has been unending reporting on the Russia collusion hoax!

It looks like the democrats are well on their way to achieving their goal. There is an independent counsel investigating Trump for obstructing justice! There are multiple investigations in congress over the Russian hoax and even an investigation into the firing of James Comey!

Meanwhile the media and entertainment industry is waging a war so vicious Trump supporters are afraid to even wear a Maga hat for fear of being attacked. There are violent riots when conservatives are invited to speak on campus.

There is rising censorship in social media. Facebook, Google and Twitter are all ratcheting up their attacks on pro Trump users. Youtube has defunded a growing community of political analysts with anti globalist sentiments. Twitter bans and throttles users with the wrong opinions! Facebook recently banned a group of 130 thousand trump supporters!

Many Trump supporters worked hard during the election. They went back to their lives happy that the most corrupt politician in US history wasn’t elected president. There is a building anger that the left and the globalists are actively working to destroy his presidency. If this succeeds it will be nothing less than the end of the republic. The most successful government in world history will have failed.

Even if you disagree with Trump on a number of issues this should piss you the fuck off. It will mean that the people no longer have a say in choosing our leaders! The large corporations that are leading the fight against Trump will be in control of policy. The attack on the first amendment will succeed! It will be followed with the elimination of the second amendment. Serfdom will be the result.

The real question is what can we do. Normally the lever that people have to affect policy is through elections. It’s becoming pretty clear that power is somewhat illusory. The DNC stole the election from Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile the Republican party acts like Trump is worse than an alien. There have been numerous leaks from inside the white house from never Trump Republicans.

Normally the party in power gets to control the agenda. The repeated investigation of the Russia hoax is infuriating. Republicans in congress are either scared of the media or are dirty and terrified of Trump’s campaign threat to clean the swamp.

However the Democrats are actually playing a very weak hand. They are pushing hoax investigations that can’t amount to anything! Imagine if republicans in congress would support the president. All congressional investigations of Trump would end. Senators and congressmen would be excoriating the fraudulent special counsel. Then they would investigate the unending crimes of the Democrats. An investigation of political spying would destroy the democrat brand for years.

So if we can force the republican congress to support their president we can rout the forces of evil which are gripping this country. It is time. It is time to let the cucks in congress know how we feel. Take a half hour a day and email, call or write to republican congressmen and senators! Pound those cucks into submission. There is nothing they fear more than angry constituents! We have to do this! Tell you friends! Don’t stop until the cucks are tamed!!

The message needs to be simple!
Support president Trump!
End hoax investigations!
Investigate Obama’s political spying!

Here are some numbers!
RNC 202 863 8500
Capitol switchboard 202 224 3121

Senate phone list

U.S. Senate: Senators of the 115th Congress

Senators of the 115th Congress

House phone list

Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives – Member Telephone Directory

Obtain documents, public disclosure forms, historical data and Member and Committee information for the U.S. House of Representatives

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