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Religion Of Peace?

Just Muslims killing Christians! Nothing to see here! Religion of Peace!

Devout Muslims Linked to ISIS Tie Up Christians and Shoot Them – Geller Report

ISIS-linked terrorists in the Philippines city of Marawi captured and tied up nine Christians, forced their hands behind their backs and bound them, then shot them to death and left them in an open field. The Christians were traveling by truck when they were forced to the side of the road at a checkpoint.

Manchester bomber not lone wolf! Multiple arrests! Religion of Peace!

Manchester Was No Lone Wolf – Three More Arrested In Connection With Bombings ⋆ WayneDupree.com

Police arrest three Muslims after raids in south of Manchester after the media wanted to push the lone wolf theory again.

Manchester bombing and Cuck reaction! Religion of Peace!

Manchester: Europe Still ‘Shocked, Shocked’

When ISIS attacked the Bataclan Theater in Paris in November 2015, it did so because, in its own words, it was “where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice.” A year earlier, ISIS had forbidden all music as haram (forbidden).

European politicians aren’t in denial about Islam! Its just their propaganda narrative! Religion of Peace!

Manchester bombing reveals Europe’s denial of Islamic terror threat

The Manchester massacre underscores complaints from counterterrorism analysts that Europe has fallen into denial about the threat of Islamic terrorism. For instance, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is on record as saying terrorism is “part and parcel” of urban life.

Spreading NoGo zones in major European cities! Religion of Peace!

France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities

“There are several hundred square meters of pavement abandoned to men alone; women are no longer considered entitled to be there. Cafés, bars and restaurants are prohibited to them, as are the sidewalks, the subway station and the public squares.” – Le

Another Muslim charged in English child rape epidemic! Religion of Peace!

UK: Another Muslim charged with MULTIPLE CHILD RAPES of little girls in Rochdale

The onslaught upon British children continues. And for years, law enforcement ignored it for fear of appearing “islamophobic” because the perps were all Muslim men. Respect it! Related: British Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Attackers Were Muslim For those who still wonder why little Muslim girls were hijab, niqab…

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