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Religion Of Peace?

The enemy within? Religion of peace!

Hamas-Linked Group CAIR Orders U.S. Air Force to Sever Ties With ‘Anti-Muslim’ Counterterrorism Instructor

Islamic terrorist front group, CAIR has transformed the way U.S. law enforcement agencies conduct anti-terrorism training by having them completely scrubbed free of anything to do with Islam. They are now ordering the Air Force to sever ties with an instructor it considers to be ‘anti-Muslim’, according to Judicial Watch.

Some thoughts on how the west should respond to terror! Religion of peace!

Middle East: A Shift from Revolution to Evolution

After each Islamist terrorist attack in the West, the public is divided into two camps: one angry and one indifferent. The problem with defeating Islamist terrorism seems to be that either it is attacked by conservatives who call Islam an evil cult or it is forgiven entirely by liberal apologists.

Truck control! Religion of peace!

Terror Attack in Stockholm, Sweden=> New York Times Blames Truck

Jim Hoft Apr 7th, 2017 5:44 pm Another lone wolf truck attack. On Friday morning a terrorist, likely Islamic, ran down innocent pedestrians in the street and then rammed into a department store. The driver then disappeared down the street. The New York Times blamed the truck.

Copy Muhammed Allah’s perfect example! Religion of peace!

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What religion was the truck? Religion of peace!

Terror in Stockholm as truck smashes into crowd near shopping center

Four people are dead and 15 injured after a truck rammed into pedestrians Friday on a popular shopping street in a terrorist attack in downtown Stockholm. One person was arrested and two others brought in for questioning, Swedish police said.

Sharia in action! Religion of peace!

Sentenced to Death for “Insulting Islam”

Can you imagine making a joke and facing death as a result? “During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go,” said the source in an interview with CHRI on March 21, 2017.

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