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Ten Incidents in Ten Days That Proved Trump Right on Sweden’s Migration Problem

When former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt asked the U.S. president “what is he smoking?” on Twitter and other celebrities berated President Trump over his comments on 19 February, many wondered what is actually going on in Sweden.

The Muslim Brotherhood: Wellspring of Terrorism

The Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) a foreign terrorist organization, and Human Rights Watch is outraged. “Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a ‘foreign terrorist organization’ would wrongly equate it with violent extremist groups like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State and make their otherwise lawful activities illegal,” said Human Rights Watch.

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Rochdale child sex gang arranged for ‘vulnerable’ girl to be raped by 30 men

Five Asian men have been jailed for more than half a century for a slew of sex offences against girls in Rochdale. The gang preyed on vulnerable girls and raped them after plying them with alcohol between 2004-2008. They were sentenced to a combined 55 years in prison at a sentencing at Minshull Street Crown Court on Friday (17 February).

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PeterSweden on Twitter

I can add, all of the people in the no-go zone in this video are speaking in broken Swedish. https://t.co/Aaj4HzNE7M

Democrats for Trump on Twitter

🔥The Media will not show you that Paris locals and Police are at War with Migrant Gangs: https://t.co/NG2P67mSAQ


SUPPORT JOURNALISM. DONATE AT PATREON.COM/TIMCAST We met with a local business owner who talked to us about his view on what is happening in Malmo. Stay tuned for more videos every day. Tomorrow we will meet with Nils Karlsson, Deputy Mayor in Malmo, to visit the problem areas and learn the perspective of the city and those who support migration and taking in refugees in Sweden.

American Journalist Savagely Beaten In Sweden For Asking Questions About Muslim Refugees Raping European Women

President Trump’s false report about Sweden has caused the mainstream media to go into a frenzy. In article after article, liberal journalists have mocked the president for talking about a non-existent terror attack in Sweden. But are all the Trump jokes a distraction from the deteriorating security situation in Sweden?

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