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Religion Of Peace?

Scary worldwide poll of Muslim beliefs!? Religion of Peace!

By The Numbers – The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics

By the Numbers is an honest and open discussion about Muslim opinions and demographics. Narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, this short film is about the acceptance that radical Islam is a bigger problem than most politically correct governments and individuals are ready to admit.

Can Europe be saved?? Religion of Peace!

Europe Surrenders to Radical Islam

In spite of three attacks in three months, Britain does not seem to be choosing the path of vigilance and determination. June is not even over but the media barely talk about terrorism any more. Then, in the early hours of June 19, a man who acted alone

Middle east gangs out of control in Germany! Religion of Peace!

Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs

Observers have surmised that the real reason for the judge’s leniency was that he feared his family might be subjected to retribution from the clan. “In their concept of masculinity, only power and force matter; if someone is humane and civil, this is

Europeans want middle east immigration to stop! Religion of Peace!

Poll: Europeans Want National Governments, Not EU, to Decide Migration Policies – Breitbart

U.S. pollster the Pew Research Centre found three quarters of respondents said they want their own governments to make decisions on migration of non-EU citizens into their countries. Pew: Most Europeans want their national governments, not the European Union, to manage immigration policies…

Muslim immigration part of Jihad! Called Hijrah! Religion of Peace!

HIJRAH MOVIE – Paul Nehlen – Official Home Page

Scenes of chaos are unfolding across the globe as millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ make their way out of the Middle East and into the west. Western governments are unprepared for the onslaught of Muslim migrants and world leaders appear completely ignorant of what the underlying mass movement is about.

150,000 women victims of female genital mutilation in Sweden! Religion of Peace!

New Study: At Least 150,000 Genitally Mutilated Women in Sweden ” Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

At least 150,000 women in Sweden are victims of female genital mutilation according to a new study, a rise of over 100,000 on previous figures. The study, which includes all countries in Europe, has not yet been published, but Swedish broadcaster SVT obtained the figures for Sweden and discovered that there were at least 150,000 FGM victims living in the country and probably significantly more given that there is silence surrounding the issue.

The perfect example Muhammad was a sex slaver! ISIS devout not extreme! Religion of Peace!

ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Girls To Death in Cages For Refusing Sex Slavery

ISIS is Sharia-compliant in the most literal sense. Its fighters are following the example of Muhammad himself, the warrior prophet of Islam who captured slaves in battle and had sex with them. As the prophet was entitled to take advantage of such fruits of battle according to the Koran, so ISIS believes its fighters are entitled as well.

Cultural enrichment in Germany! Share their food and bodily fluids! Religion of Peace!

Germany: Migrant Sex Crimes Double in One Year

The case of Eric X. and his 23-year-old rape victim has exposed, once again, the systemic failure by German authorities to enforce the law and to ensure public safety: a failure to secure borders; a failure to vet incoming migrants; a failure to

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