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Suggested Warning Letter From Trump To Rosenstein
Steve MAGA
August 5, 2017

Dear Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and the American People

When you accepted the job of Deputy Attorney General you swore an oath. Part of that oath was to implement the policies of the newly elected President of the United States. It was a very contentious election and many people in the government and in the justice department don’t agree with my new policies.

Any government employee has a choice. They can work to implement the new policies that occur in our republic as the result of an election or they can resign. If they are working to undermine the new policies that the people voted for that is grounds for termination at a minimum. I expect you to make that very clear to the good people working in the executive branch so that we can accomplish the work that the American people expect of us.

In regard to the special counsel, I’m sure you know I have serious reservations over the constitutionality of your letter authorizing the Mueller investigation.

Letter Authorizing Special Counsel Mueller

There was a massive amount of reporting suggesting that my campaign had done something illegal with the Russians affecting the election. I decided not to fight the appointment. As a result there should be no unanswered questions with regard to my campaign’s supposed collusion with the Russian government.

You assured the American people that Special Counsel Mueller would perform an honest investigation. In America we don’t investigate unless there is clear evidence that a crime has been committed. After all these months of investigation the only evidence of criminal activity are the leaks and illegal unmasking of innocent American citizens.

Despite the complete lack of evidence of any crime Special Counsel Mueller has hired an army of highly partisan attorneys to investigate my campaign. He has proceeded to empanel a grand jury despite having full subpoena powers. Marching people in front of a grand jury should be reserved for serious crimes. It’s a minimum of $25,000 for a retainer to hire an attorney to protect yourself when appearing before a federal grand jury!

Forcing innocent Americans associated with my campaign or my administration to appear before the grand jury is a huge punishment. Going on a fishing expedition and calling numerous people before the grand jury is essentially criminalizing supporting the duly elected president.

I am reading reports that the investigation has moved well beyond the scope of your letter. Remember the letter authorizes Mueller to investigate only coordination between the Russian government and the people associated with my campaign. Anything that happened before the campaign or not pertaining to the Russian government is off limits to Mr. Mueller.

The American taxpayers are funding this massively expensive investigation. Innocent Americans have been spied on and are being forced to destroy their life savings to protect themselves against an investigation without evidence of any crime.

I expect you to exert your authority over Special Counsel Mueller to keep him within the scope of the investigation you authorized. This investigation needs to be performed rapidly. If you allow this investigation to metastasize you are breaking the oath you took when you accepted this job!

The constitution appropriately grants the chief executive broad powers. If necessary I will take appropriate actions to protect the office the President of the United States and the people who worked to get me elected!


President Donald J Trump*

*Note this is only a suggested letter.

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