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Left quadruples down on Russia collusion hoax! Looney left!

NYT Columnist Calls It ‘Striking How Little Evidence’ There Is For Trump, Russia Collusion

NYTimes columnist David Brooks challenged the paper’s dominant narrative in a Tuesday op-ed in which he cautioned critics of President Donald Trump to show restraint in light of the absence of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. “There may be a giant revelation still to come.

Chelsea Clinton please stay in public eye! Looney left!

DUMB AS A BRICK: Chelsea Clinton Gets Roasted on Twitter After Falling For Steve Bannon’s Trolling

Dumb-as-a-brick Chelsea Clinton feigned outrage over a joke Steve Bannon about Sean Spicer. More virtue signaling from a left-wing shill like Chelsea Clinton who is propped up by the media sycophants. As TGP previously reported, the left-wing media lost their minds Monday after Sean Spicer held a no-video, no-audio press gaggle.

Too much ice for global warning expedition! Looney left!

Global Warming expedition halted by unprecedented ice: People still believe the scam?

A Canadian expedition could not continue forward into the arctic to study climate change due to ice. Also check out my cool new intro sequence. Links and stuff: …

NYT thinks 2nd amendment helps terrorists! Looney left!

‘Gray Lady’ Loses Her Mind: NYT Claims Trump Is Helping Terrorists | LifeZette

The New York Times, the once-respected newspaper of record, posted a shockingly distasteful, dishonest, and ironically self-defeating editorial Monday titled “Shunning Gun Control, Helping Terrorists.” In the piece, The Times editorial board claimed President Trump’s desire to defend the Second Amendment and skepticism of the Left’s proposed anti-gun measures help radical Islamic terrorists.

Gay pride only leftists allowed! Looney left!

L.A. #ResistMarch: The Day the Gay Rights Movement Ended – Breitbart

Once, the gay rights movement stood for tolerance: hence the rainbow flag, which is a symbol not only of pride but also of acceptance. But the message on Sunday was that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) conservatives are unwelcome in that spectrum – and are, in fact, aiding the enemy.

Democrat civil war! Looney left!

Black Pride Shuts Down Gay Pride at DC March (VIDEO)

Black Pride Stifles Gay Pride Washington D.C. – Thousands of people came out for the annual gay pride parade, waving rainbow flags on Saturday. The parade was stopped dead in its tracks by Black Lives Matter activists. Black Lives Matter stopped the gay pride parade chanting, “Hey hey ho ho these racists cops have got …

Encouraging kids to undergo sex change operations is sick! Looney left!

U.S. Taxpayers Fund PBS Teen Pro-Sex-Change Documentary

will be broadcast by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) on June 19, on its weekly program titled Independent Lens. The documentary was produced by the Independent Television Service (ITVS), which states on its website that it is “funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.”

Defecation now legal in Denver to help immigrants feel at home! Looney left!

Vox Popoli

Not only is there more ethnic food available, but now you can legally defecate on the streets too. So cosmopolitan, it’s just like India: Denver Colorado is about to smell worse than piss-soaked shit-stained San Francisco. The city voted to essentially decriminalize public urination and defecation and the reason is as liberal as it gets.

Three jihadi attacks in Britain and the police are doing bacon patrols! Looney left!

Security stepped up at Cambridge mosques after bacon hate crime

Police are increasing patrols at two mosques in Cambridge after strips of bacon were today (June 8) left on the car windscreens to insult fasting Muslims. Four vehicles were targeted in the hate crime at about 12.30am at the Omar Faruque Mosque in Kirkwood Road, King’s Hedges as Muslims celebrate Ramadan.

8 year old drag queen I think? Looney left!


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