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The Looney Left

Another look at no white day and protests! Looney left!

Bret Weinstein & Evergreen State College

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Canadian apartment owner fined $12,000 plus legal fees because he didn’t take his shoes off in Muslim tenants bedroom! Looney left!

Faith Goldy: Sharia Fines Come to Canada

Faith Goldy shares the story of John Alabi, a 52-year-old Ontario man issued a sharia ticket for $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. His sin? He didn’t take his shoes off in his Muslim tenants’ unit where they prayed while showing the space to potential occupants.

In portland SJWs trying to punish ethnic restuarants owned by white people! Looney left!

SJWs Have Created A List Of All The White-Owned Restaurants That Serve Non-White Food In Portland

After forcing two white women to close down their burrito truck, it appears the social justice warriors of Portland are broadening their ambitions and seeking to wreak havoc on all the other ‘culturally-appropriating’ restaurants in the city.

Hillary calls out lying politicians at commencement speech! Looney left!

5 Dumbest Things Hillary Clinton Said At Her Wellesley Commencement Address

Hillary Clinton emerged from the woods to give a commencement address at Wellesley College on Friday. Naturally, the speech was filled with left-wing applause lines targeting President Trump that showed Clinton is still bitter about losing the election in November.

University has day without whites! White liberal professor refuses to participate! Leads to student revolt! Looney left!


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If people only knew how nuts the left is! Looney left!

Leftist Students Target White Professor For Failing To Leave Campus On Day Without Whites

In an ironic occurrence, a white leftist biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, who objected to leftist student social justice warriors demanding white students and professors leave the campus, was surrounded by the SJWs, who shouted at him that he should be fired or

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