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The Looney Left

Taxpayer funded animal penis research! Cut taxes! Looney left!

Taxpayer-Funded Duck Penis Researcher Now Studying Whale Penises – Washington Free Beacon

A leading researcher on a ridiculed taxpayer-funded study of duck penises is now using her expertise on orca whales and is going to the “March for Science” to protest budget cuts. Patricia Brennan, a visiting lecturer at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, worked on the duck penis study that received $384,949 from the National Science Foundation, a grant that was funded through the 2009 stimulus package.

Leftist art! Severed Trump head! Looney left!

Professor Paints Severed Head Of Trump For Exhibition; University Backs Him! ⋆ WayneDupree.com

The University supports the professor in displaying it and will not take it down. Once again we call out liberals for their stupidity and lack of common sense.

Why not let Islam kill free speech? Looney left!

Muslims wants ‘blasphemers’ prosecuted … worldwide!

For years, Islamic nations have successfully pressed the United Nations to pass non-binding resolutions condemning “defamation of religion.” In nations such as Pakistan, the penalty for “blasphemy” against Islam or its prophet is death. While the sentence has not been imposed in recent years, some people who have been accused of blasphemy have been murdered by Muslim vigilantes before they […]

Watch SJWs kill comic books! Looney left!

Did Marvel Comics’ push for superhero ‘diversity’ go too far when they started featuring Muslims as heroes?

Marvel executive says emphasis on diversity seems to have alienated readers as sales decline with stores reporting that customers ‘have had enough’ of new female and ethnic minority characters. The…

Teaching kids the virtues terrorism! Looney left!

Your Tax Dollars at Work=> PBS Teaches Kids About the Glory of Islamic Suicide Bombings

PBS is running a series of lesson plans that glorifies Islamic suicide bombings. In “Dying to be a Martyr” students learn about the struggles a would be suicide bomber must deal with before ripping himself and the innocents around him to shreds. The series also looks at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with sympathies to the Palestinians …

Face book paying employees to protest Trump! Destroying profits! Looney left!

Facebook Tells Employees They Can Protest Trump

Facebook officials said they will not punish any employees who choose to take off work May 1 to protest President Donald Trump. Pro-immigration groups, socialist organizations, labor unions, and hundreds of thousands of workers are planning to walk out on their jobs on International Workers Day.

No American flags at sporting events! Looney left!

NBC Sports Announcer GOES OFF: Calls US Flag and Air Force Flyover “Political” Stunt that Should Be “Kept Out of Sports”

Lead baseball writer for NBC Sports, Craig Calcaterra, tweeted out this attack on the US flag on Easter morning. “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free” Democrats are so full of hate today that the American flag and military men and women in uniform are too “political” for …

Stop Islamic terrorism without investigating Muslims! Looney left!

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Using transgender to sell bath soap! Looney left!

Did You Ever Think A Dove Commercial Would Feature A Transgender Man? ⋆ WayneDupree.com

It took months to put together these ad campaigns. I bet they thought Hillary Clinton was gonna get in, they miscalculated

Suspended from college for being a Christian! Looney left!

Muslim professor Areej Zufari, who lied about and persecuted Christian student, resigns – Geller Report

Zufari was at the center of a national controversy over the suspension of student Marshall Polston, 20, a Christian student in her class who challenged her claims – so much so that she took to accusing him of harassment. She filed a police report against him and told officials he made her feel unsafe, after which Polston was suspended.

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