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SJW libtards think milk is racist! LOL!

Drinking Milk is Racist and Symbol of White Privilege To Liberals Now

Milk is now considered to be a symbol if white privilege, according to liberal lunatics and social justice warriors. Their reasons for this will blow your mind, and no, they’re not joking. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 by Mark Dice.

Punish Donald trump!! Unfollow him on Twitter! Libtards!!

Hit Trump where it hurts (his Twitter account)

Even if you don’t follow Donald Trump online, these digital activists have a way for you to block the president on his favorite platform. Yup, that would be Twitter – the president’s preferred method of communicating with his constituents, the press and world leaders.

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New York State Kills Literacy Test for Teachers: Minority Kids Hardest Hit – Breitbart

Members of the New York state Board of Regents voted on Monday to eliminate the literacy exam which revealed the prospective teachers’ poor reading and writing skills, saying the controversial test is “flawed” and that it puts Latino and African-American teacher applicants at an unfair disadvantage.

Fake News lunatic reporter who got a twitter troll arrested!

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Assault With A Deadly Twitter Part V – Associate’s Mind

This is Part V of the ongoing coverage of Assault With A Deadly Twitter. Previous entries: Can You Sue Someone For A Tweet That Induces Epilepsy? (Part I) Can Kurt Eichenwald Get Pre-suit Discovery From Twitter? (Part II) Can You Assault With A Tweet?

Holy Mother of Mary – I just inadvertently discovered to golden goose of all TRIGGERS! * r/The_Donald

Stay with me Pedes. Let me preface this by saying I have friends that are cucks. I don’t hold it against them. I tend to believe they will come…

Are the Hard Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists?

The leftist media and other American liberals insist on portraying President Trump’s position as a fight against Islam and Muslims. In fact, most moderate Muslims are not offended by the phrase “radical Islam,” because they are very distressed by the

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