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Four High School Students Suspended For Pro-Trump Signs

Four Grand Rapids Christian High School students were suspended after an incident where they posed in front of a pro-immigration banner while holding pro-Trump signs. Apparently, the signs read “Trump” and “Build the Wall”. As politically motivated as these disciplinary actions feel, Grand Rapids Christian School Superintendent Thomas DeJonge claims that the students were not disciplined for expressing their political viewpoint.

Vermont Mayor Loses Election After Flooding His Town With Refugees

The five-term, pro-refugee Mayor Chris Louras of Rutland, Vermont was defeated by a margin of 52 percent to 34 percent.

Latina Students At Ritzy College: White Girls Can’t Wear HOOP EARRINGS Now

A group of Latina students at a ritzy private college in Southern California recently covered the exterior wall of a residence hall with a large graffiti-style message declaring: “White Girl, Take OFF your hoops!!!” The scene of the spray-paint fracas is Pitzer College, reports the Claremont Independent, a student newspaper.

Twitter’s Racism Problem may Lead to Lawsuits, Lawyer Explains

“People stay reporting me for doxxing and twitter never does anything about. The only people I’ve ever doxxed are ignorant & racist people.” – BlvckConscious When an underage white girl posted an Instagram comment that fit anyone’s definition of racist, Black Twitter went into action.

Explain It To Me

Explain to me how a woman who planted a bomb which killed two young men at the Supersol market in Jerusalem on February 21st 1969 is now an organizer of the upcoming Women’s Strike. The stated goal of this strike is “to increase equality, justice, and human rights for women around the world.”

‘Day Without a Woman’ strike shuts down schools as teachers bolt

Several schools in at least four states were closed Wednesday so teachers can participate in “A Day Without a Woman” strike in which organizers are urging female workers to stay home.

D.C. Suburb Cancels School So Teachers Can Protest Trump

A Washington D.C. suburb that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 election is preemptively cancelling classes on Wednesday so its teachers can protest Donald Trump.

Most UPSET Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against Hillary

Most UPSET Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against Hillary. These are the most upset reactions to Donald Trump Winning the presidential election. Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, Chris Matthews, Cenk Ugyur, The View, Andrea Mitchell, React

Womenscouncilireland on Twitter

We recognise that not everyone who needs an abortion is a woman, and where we use the term woman, we mean everyone with a uterus @TheUSI

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