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Police End Outreach Program Because It Could Upset ‘Kids of Color’

(Image source: https://twitter.com/NorthamptonPD/status/819931001753370626″>Twitterhttp://www.gazettenet.com/Cancelled-High-Five-program-at-Northampton-el… Hampshire Gazette, the program, suggested by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police, was meant as a way to “connect with students and show support for schools.” However, after complaints from members of the public, the program has been suspended.

Pretend journalist, Jorge Ramos, says illegals who commit identity theft do so to ‘benefit our lives’

No doubt you remember Jorge Ramos – the perpetually outraged, virtue-signaling, illegal immigration activist who pretends to be a journalist – from that time President Trump had him thrown out of a press conference. After it happened, Ramos enjoyed a few extra minutes of fame, made the anti-Trump media rounds, then faded back to his previous level of mid-range notoriety.

Hard-Left America-Haters Yell and Scream Through Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance at Republican Town Hall – Geller Report

This is the left today. They don’t even bother to conceal their hatred and contempt for America. This is what we are facing in the large-scale effort to drain the swamp both politically and culturally.

UK Arrests And Prosecutes Christian Preachers For Declaring ‘Allah Does Not Exist, Mohammed Was A False Prophet And You Will Go To Hell If You Keep Following Them’

Europe and America were once upon a time known for being places of free speech and expression, especially in comparison to most of the world. Now thanks to political correctness run amok and an obsessive desire to please fringe groups, it has become increasingly criminal to speak about basic issues and social problems without being called a “bigot” or a “racist.”

Starbucks’ ‘Brand Perception’ Takes A Massive Hit After Announcing Plans To Hire 10,000 Refugees

After vowing to defy Trump’s immigration executive order and “hire 10,000 refugees”, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz quickly found out the hard way that while most adult-aged Americans can agree that they like coffee, roughly 50% disagree with his leftist political opinions.

New Jersey School District Teaches Islam But Censors Christianity

A New Jersey middle school has no problem teaching Islam to its students, but has censored students for bringing up the Bible. Two mothers spoke up about their children’s experiences in at a Chatham Board of Education meeting in February.

Schoolteachers fired for pro-Trump remarks

Employees of a Georgia school district known for its diversity of refugees and migrants – legal and illegal – are being told not to express themselves on or off campus if their views on immigration line up with those of President Donald Trump. If their words are considered not “welcoming” of refugees and migrants, they […]

School Band Won’t Use Music From White Composers

NPR reported on a Minnesota high school band’s decision to not use music from white composers. “We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color,” said Brian Lukkasson, one of two Spring Lake Park High School band directors.

WATCH THE FIREWORKS! NAACP President FREAKS When He’s Asked If He’d “Be Okay With A Congressional White Caucus? [VIDEO] * 100percentfedUp.com

America is sick and tired of the division. We’ve given the Congressional Black Caucus a pass, as we ignored the fact that they’ve chosen to segregate themselves from the rest of the lawmakers in Congress, creating exactly the environment they fought so hard to erase.

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