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Transgender soldiers means men showering with women?! Looney left!

New Mandatory Army Training Tells Female Soldiers They Must ‘Accept’ Naked Men in Their Showers

New Army training is telling female soldiers that they just have to accept showering naked next to men. The soldier may have ‘physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite having the same gender marker’. Makes sense. Why is this happening under a Trump presidency? The American people voted to stop this insanity!

Obama policies hurt blacks so he blamed whites! Obama scum!! Looney left!

America, ‘racist’? How Obama duped U.S. with 1 dangerous ‘lie’

Think America is growing more racist than ever? That’s because you’ve been duped by the left – and especially by Barack Obama, who used the “lie” of racial grievances for his own personal gain and ultimately divided America. “Black Americans got worse under Barack Obama than any other time in the history of America,” said […]

Climate scientist sues another scientist then charged with contempt because he refuses to present his data! Looney left!

‘Scientist’ Michael Mann Commits Contempt of Court in ‘Climate Science Trial of the Century’

Back in 2009, “Climategate” was a massive scandal with leaked documents revealing the climate change scam to be what it is, the Gateway Pundit reported on this scandal back when the story first broke. Christopher Booker of the Telegraph back in 2009 slammed the climate alarmists behind the claims of global warming that was proving …

McEnroe says Serena would lose to hundreds of male tennis players! Left triggered! Why do they even have a women’s league then?? Looney left!

Tennis Legend Triggers Millions After Stating Serena Williams Would Rank 700th If She Faced Men

Retired tennis legend John Patrick McEnroe Jr. has caused quite a stir online over his insistence that Serena Williams would be nowhere near as successful if she were competing against men. According to The Guardian, McEnroe made his remarks during an interview with NPR on Sunday, stating that while Williams is the “best female player ever – no question,” she would probably rank around 700 in the men’s league.

Obama vacations trigger liberals! When he was president taxpayers were paying! That triggered conservatives! Looney left!

Obama Under Fire From Liberals For Never Ending Luxury Vacations

Former President Barack Obama is under fire from his Democrat base for taking never ending luxurious vacations since leaving office. Obama continues to embark on his endless mystery tour of millionaire and billionaire hotspots and retreats around the world. Ex-Presidents should go on vacation, but Obama seems to be flaunting a type of luxurious post-presidential …

Assange analyses Democrat suicide! Looney left!

Julian Assange Destroys the Democrat Party in Searing Essay: They Are Doomed

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange wrote a searing essay destroying the Democrat party over their Trump-Russia hysteria which he says is a ‘political dead end’. Julian Assange started out by slamming the Democrats’ Trump-Russia hoax that has been dying a slow death due to lack of evidence of any collusion: 1.

Paying Michael Browns parents 1.5 million! Say what!? Looney left!

Michael Brown’s Parents Paid $1.5 Million in Settlement…

According to multiple media reports Ms. Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. will cash-in on the death of their son, Michael Brown, with a total settlement against all parties of $1.5 million. [Ferguson, essentially, paid off a nuisance lawsuit.] (VIA ABC NEWS) The family of Michael Brown, an African American teen whose fatal shooting by…

Its dawning on Democrats that Russia collusion is a hoax! Looney left!

Democrats warn party to move on from Russia obsession

Some Democrats say “nyet” to their party leaders’ Russia obsession. “I did a 22-county tour,” Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota told The Hill Saturday. “Nobody’s focusing on that.” “We should stay away from just piling on the criticism of Trump,” complained Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont.

FBI can’t find motive behind Scalise shooting! Drain the Swamp! Looney left!

Wait, What? FBI Calls Scalise Shooting ‘Spontaneous;’ Gunman ‘Had No Target In Mind,’ Motive Unclear

Totally baffling. This Associated Press write-up of yesterday’s FBI press conference makes clear that everyone involved agrees that deceased shooter James Hodgkinson detested Republicans with a fiery passion, yet investigators seem unwilling to call his attack premeditated or specifically targeted — nor will they comment on his motive at this point.

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