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The incredible corruption of British police and what caused it!

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain | The Spectator

Imagine you lived in a country which last year had 3,000 allegations of police corruption. Worse, imagine that of these 3,000 allegations only half of them were properly investigated – because for police officers in this country, corruption was becoming routine.

Long deep article Benghazi explained plus HillBama ISIS MAMA!

A Warning Against The “No Fly Zone Approach” in Syria – It’s Bait…

We know from the Bret Baier interview with Hillary Clinton that she was physically located at her 7th floor office in Washington DC on Sept. 11th 2012, the night of the attack. Unfortunately we also know during the November 2012 Thanksgiving holiday a mysterious fire took place in that building.

Deep dive into various players in Syria gas hoax!

President Trump Has It Wrong on Syria – Assad Did NOT Use Chemical Weapons – Deep State Neo Cons Misleading the President…

DANGER – Deep State is Trying to Manipulate Donald Trump on Syria. (link) We’ve covered the hidden story of manipulation within Syria quite extensively. And in the example today of Chemical Weapons being used against the Syrian People, all indications do not point toward Bashir Assad doing it.

Overview of health care issue!

Is Health Care a Right? – LewRockwell LewRockwell.com

The political fiasco that unfolded last week as President Donald Trump and the Republican House leadership failed to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, is attributable as much to the failure of politics as it is to the failure of politicians to understand the constitutional role of the federal government.

Deep look at cyber hacking charges against Russia! Look at cyber false flag against Russia in Georgia conflict! Cyber forensics mostly BS!

From Russia, with Panic | Yasha Levine

After Donald Trump’s surprise victory in November, these four words reverberated across the nation. Democratic Party insiders, liberal pundits, economists, members of Congress, spies, Hollywood celebrities, and neocons of every stripe and classification level-all these worthy souls reeled in horror at the horribly compromised new American electoral order.

Look at players and sources behind Nunes spying charges!

Understanding The Nunes Paradox…

“SCIF” – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. To understand the larger Devin Nunes briefing issues it is important to focus on the word “compartmented”. Intelligence information is housed by compartments. Each intelligence unit holds intelligence unique to that compartment. The FBI Counter-Intelligence Unit would hold the intel information specific to their task or assignment.

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