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Good discussion of Obamacare legislation mechanics! Trump will MAGA!

Sunday Talks: White House Signals Support For Ted Cruz “Consumer Choice” Healthcare Amendment…

It’s challenging to see the sunlight at the end of this complex tunnel, but it’s there. More visible today than a week ago. White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss the ongoing efforts to reform ObamaCare. In a very positive shift amid the overall discussion, for the first…

Defunding UN! gotta love it! Trump will MAGA!

‘Enough Is Enough’: U.N. Ambassador Haley Withdraws America’s $500,000,000

Advertisement Click Here To Share On Facebook! Click Here To Share On Twitter!Liberals around the world should know by now that President Trump isn’t bluffing when he threatens action. When the administration reported that it was going to hold the U.N. accountable for their duplicity and reprehensible anti-Israel agenda, no one believed it.

Texas and other states suing to end lawless dreamer scam!! Trump will MAGA!

Texas’ Promise Will End Obama’s DACA Amnesty, Says Immigration Lawyer – Breitbart

“If they include it in the lawsuit in Texas, we all know how this goes,” attorney David Leopold said in a Facebook video late Thursday, June 30. Texas “Judge [Andrew] Hanen has already ruled that [the 2o14 ‘DAPA’ amnesty] violated the law, and he’s going to do the same thing to DACA.”

House passes bills to fight illegal immigration! Trump will MAGA!

House passes Kate’s Law, anti-sanctuary city bill

The House on Thursday approved what would be the toughest immigration crackdown in more than two decades, passing bills that would crack down on so-called sanctuary cities and impose stiffer penalties on illegal immigrants who sneak back into the U.S. after being deported.

Interesting take on Assad warning! No neocon war! Trump will MAGA!

Why is President Trump Threatening Assad Over Chemical Weapon Use?…

There are people on all sides of the political continuum entirely missing the reason for President Trump to threaten Bashir Assad publicly. Key word to understanding the Trump motive is: “publicly”. President Trump, according to all high-brow punditry, is breaking diplomatic and national security norms by announcing the threat of punishment publicly instead of directly…

Large majority believe Deep state trying to destroy Trump! Trump will MAGA!

Harvard Poll: Majority Believe Deep State Leaking to ‘Unseat’ Trump – Breitbart

The poll asked respondents: “Specifically, do you think the so called ‘Deep State’ – the collection of intelligence agencies and holdover government workers from the Obama administration – is trying to unseat President Trump using leaks of classified information?”

Trump on health care negotiations! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Meets With Creatures of The Swamp…

President Trump meets the swamp people to discuss the making of swamp sausage… . Again, as with 99.99% of all ObamaCare conversations, the entirety of media discussion surrounds Medicaid spending, funding, etc. The middle-class taxpayers’ healthcare interests, those on the individual market, are entirely disconnected from the political discussion by the professional political class.

Supreme court reinstates trumps travel ban 9-0! Trump will MAGA!

Supreme Court Allows Travel Ban To Take Effect

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will review lower court rulings blocking enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugee and migrant entry, and stayed injunctions barring the order’s implementation. The announcement is a major victory for the president, whose signature immigration policy has been stymied repeatedly by the federal courts.

There is a law requiring immigrants to wait 5 years before accessing welfare! Enforce it! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Wants Law On The Books Followed Restricting Welfare To Immigrants ⋆ WayneDupree.com

The ”Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996” declares immigrants “not eligible for any Federal means-tested public benefit for a period of 5 years beginning on the date of the alien’s entry.”

Trump has three step plan to reform health care! Trump will MAGA!

HHS Secretary Dr Tom Price Interview with Dana Bash – Discussion Senate Healthcare Bill…

HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price appears on CNN State of The Union to discuss the legislative repair efforts for an ObamaCare overhaul, and overall healthcare reform efforts. Notice how the various “concerns”, amid all of the politically charged discussion, are always centered around medicaid – or the state run, taxpayer-funded, low income, healthcare coverage.

Republican congressman wants republicans to support trump! Trump will MAGA!

We Must Defend Trump Against The Left-Wing Media’s Smears

The House Judiciary Committee recently debated the Secret Service Reauthorization Act, a bill with broad support from both sides of the aisle. As debate concluded, Democrats introduced an amendment that’s sole purpose appeared to be to attack President Donald Trump.

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