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End fraud special counsel investigating nothing! Trump will MAGA!

POLLAK: James Comey’s Admission Means Special Counsel Must Be Dropped – Breitbart

Aside from the legal jeopardy that Comey may face as a result of having leaked a government document as a private citizen, Comey has now undermined Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation by revealing it to be a deliberate political setup.

Lets do some real science on climate change! Trump will MAGA!

Trump’s EPA Chief Backs Approach to Science That Could Upend the Global Warming ‘Consensus’

“Why would any scientific organization object to an independent look at the claims of the climate establishment?” climate scientist John Christy says.

Russia investigation fraud! special counsel fraud! Trump will MAGA!

Boom! Marco Rubio: “Only Thing That’s Never Been Leaked is Fact that Trump Was Not Personally Under Investigation”

Jim Hoft Jun 8th, 2017 10:53 am Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was impressive in his questioning today of former FBI Director James Comey. Senator Marco Rubio: “You ever wonder why the only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that @POTUS was not personally under investigation?” Filed Under: Uncategorized

Comey leaked memo hoping for special presecutor?? Slime! Trump will MAGA!

James Comey leaked his own memos to contradict Trump, spur special prosecutor

Fired FBI Director James B. Comey orchestrated the leak of details of his memos of his conversations with President Trump, he testified to Congress on Thursday, saying he was hoping it would spur the Justice Department to announce an independent prosecutor to probe the Trump operation.

Summary of Comey testimony! Democrats back on suicide watch! Trump will MAGA!

The James Comey Hearing – What You Need To Know

The James Comey Hearing – What You Need To Know Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MikeCernovich/

Trumps lawyer responds to Comey testimony! No investigation of Trump! Comey was leaker! Trump will MAGA!

President Donald Trump’s attorney Press Conference after James Comey’s testimony 6/8/2017

WATCH: Trump’s attorney delivers statement after Comey’s testimony – President Trump’s attorney Press Conference after James Comey’s testimony 6/8/2017 James Comey Testifies on Trump, Russia investigation 6/8/2017 James Comey testimony James Comey testimony: James Comey testifies about Russian interference in U.S.

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