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Trump attacks political correctness over terror. Political correctness is fascist attack on free speech! Trump will MAGA!

Trump bashes political correctness, gun control and London’s mayor in wake of UK terror attack

President Donald Trump posted several messages on Twitter on June 4, 2017, criticizing political correctness, gun-control advocates and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who said on Sunday London’s increased police presence should comfort citizens and that there’s “no reason to be alarmed.”

Trump slams his justice department over travel ban! There is so much to slam the justice department over! Why the hell is there a special prosecutor for Russia with no crime even alleged! Why no special prosecutor over spying on Americans! Trump will MAGA!

Donald Trump slams own Justice Department over travel ban

President Trump knocked his own Justice Department in a series of tweets Monday for failing to uphold the original travel ban. “The Justice Depart. should have stayed wth the original Travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the S.C.,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Article about just how unusual historically the attacks on Trump by crybaby loser Dems! Trump will MAGA!

It Turns Out The Most Unprecedented Thing About Trump’s Presidency Is Obama And Hillary’s Behavior

Both former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump last week, marking the earliest time a former president attacked a sitting president in recent political history. Obama slammed Trump for pulling the U.S. out of the Paris agreement on climate change Thursday, calling the new administration an “absence of American leadership.”

Listen to German manufacturers after Paris exit! Trump will MAGA!

It Begins – German Auto Makers Fear Losing Competitive Advantage Over U.S…

For those following along over the past two years this will not come as a surprise. European manufacturers understand the entire foundation for the Paris Treaty was about economics, economic advantages and the transfer of economic strength away from the U.S., not climate. Specifically for Germany the outlook is especially troubling.

Wow! Democrat senator supports Trump on the Paris! Trump will MAGA!

Democrat Abandons His Party To Make Huge Announcement Following Withdraw From Climate Deal

Advertisement Click Here To Share On Facebook! Click Here To Share On Twitter!During the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised to make it easier for our country to compete with other manufacturers worldwide. To start, he claimed that he would withdraw from unfair international trade agreements.

Juvenile Democrats should fear next election! Trump will MAGA!

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Analysis of Trumps great speech about leaving Paris accord! Trump will MAGA!

DELINGPOLE: That Paris Speech Just Made Trump Great Again

As a businessman, Trump knows that those are the rules. And as president that’s just what he did today in his inspirational speech about pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. It was inspirational because it articulated better than any world leader has ever done before why environmentalism is in fact such a harmful creed.

The real reason Europe is so upset about Paris accords. It was an uncle sucker deal! US pays they play! Trump will MAGA!

More Winning: France Germany and Italy: Paris Climate Treaty “irreversible and cannot be renegotiated”…

AP is reporting the leaders of France (Macron), Germany (Merkel), and Italy (Genteloni) have released a joint statement saying the Paris Climate Treaty is irreversible and cannot be renegotiated. Effectively shutting down the only option President Trump left on the table for them: Pay attention to the last sentence in the AP joint statement snippet:…

Trumps communications director resigns! Establishment Republican Cuck Loser! Trump will MAGA!

Mike Dubke Resigns as White House Communications Director

The seasoned Republican operative was one of the few staffers respected by establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C., but was ultimately unwilling to continue to try to shape a daily narrative for the Trump White House. Dubke resigned on May 18, according to Axios’s Mike Allen, after taking the job in March.

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