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Trump challenged middle east leaders to join civilization and stop the terrorists! Trump will MAGA!

Newt Gingrich: “The President just made a titanic foreign policy shift. The media missed it.”

Newt Gingrich, speaker of the House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999, and vice chair of the Trump transition team, has issued a statement on President Trump’s foreign trip, and the important shift in foreign policy that it demonstrates.

Investigation of Trump administration! But no crime! Trump will MAGA!

Trump’s Allies, Convicted of High Crimes Without a Trial

Heard any good Mike Flynn jokes lately? How about this one from “Morning Joe,” this week? “When it comes to legal issues, he’s like Charmin. You just keep squeezing.” Maybe you’ve seen Stephen Colbert’s segment from February about Trump’s former national security adviser: “It’s funny ’cause it’s treason.”

Trump puts Merkel in a box! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Has Perfectly Positioned Angela Merkel as The De Facto Head of The EU…

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the root of the European Union’s most terrible policies, both financial and social. However, her life-skills within EU politics have refined her instincts at playing the wounded indian routine to avoid responsibility in the aftermath of the consequences. In addition Merkel points the finger at others never taking ownership…

Trump to withdraw from climate agreement! Good for economy good for plants! Trump will MAGA!

Report: Trump Tells Allies He Plans to Remove U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement – Breitbart

On Saturday night, Axios reported the news based on “three sources with direct knowledge.” Breitbart News has independently confirmed this reporting and that Trump has told others the same thing: that he plans to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement.

Trump will revamp communication team! Trump will MAGA!

‘Raging Bull’ Trump shifts back into 2016 campaign mode

Axios’ Jonathan Swan and Amy Harder scooped last night that Trump has privately told multiple people, including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, that he plans to leave the Paris agreement on climate change. Trump has told different things to different people, and said yesterday in a TV-teaser-style tweet that he’ll make up his mind this week.

Pope makes pro capitalist speech after meeting with Trump! Trump will MAGA!

Pope Francis Shocks Workers With Pro-Capitalism Pitch

“There can’t be a good economy without good businessmen, without their capacity to create and to produce,” he said, shattering his reputation as an enemy of the free market economy. The Pope met with “representatives of the world of work,” including businessmen, workers and unemployed persons at the Ilva steel plant in Genoa Saturday, fielding their questions and reflecting with them on a Christian view of the economy.

Dershowitz makes point that Russian investigation based on no crime! Lawless fascists! Trump will MAGA!

Dershowitz Destroys CNN: Current Investigation of Trump Is Stalinist – “Show Me the Man and I’ll Show You the Crime” (VIDEO)

Democrat author, lawyer and jurist Alan Dershowitz went on CNN and compared the current Special Counsel investigation of the Trump administration to a tactic used by Stalinist Russia. Dershowitz argued: US investigation is Stalinist. Crimes should be investigated, not people. Dershowitz: I don’t like criminal investigations to start hoping that you have the target, maybe we’ll find the crime.

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