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Sessions needs to name special prosecutor for democrat crimes #1 is SpyGate! Trump will MAGA!

Message to AG Sessions: Quit Playing Nice, the Future of the Republic Is at Stake

Guest post by Joe Hoft Donald Trump was miraculously elected President after months of lies, misrepresentations and scathing remarks from the ultra- liberal mainstream media (MSM) and the quasi-communist Democrat Party. The Democratic Party was once the socialist party but when socialists cross the line to violence they become head-bashing communists.

Special prosecutor for Russia!? Trump will MAGA!

DOJ Appoints Special Counsel for Russia Probe, Former FBI Director Mueller

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election and rumors of collusion with the Trump campaign. A copy of Rosenstein’s statement was posted by Time’s Zeke Miller.

Comey testified under oath that trump never interfered with any investigations! Trump will MAGA!

BREAKING: FBI Director James Comey Testified Under Oath May 3rd That The Trump Administration Doesn’t Obstruct Investigations – GotNews

Facebook Twitter E-mail SMS Former FBI Director James Comey testified under Senate oath May 3rd that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes. Comey admitted that the FBI has always been free to operate without political interference-flying in the face of Democrats’ paranoid delusions about Russia and …

Make America safe again! Trump will MAGA!

Adios! Task Force Deals MS-13 A Huge Blow In L.A. — 21 Of The Gang’s ‘Most Violent’ Leaders…

The Justice Department announced Wednesday that a law enforcement task force has taken out MS-13 leadership in Los Angeles. The task force, which included state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies, arrested 21 members and associates of MS-13 Wednesday. The DOJ has brought RICO charges against 44 individuals in LA.

Take the criminals back! Trump will MAGA!

Countries refusing U.S. deportees cut from 20 to 12

Between cajoling, threats and actual punishments, Homeland Security has managed to drastically cut the number of countries that habitually refuse to take back immigrants whom the U.S. is trying to deport, officials said Tuesday, notching an early immigration success for President Trump.

The leak is felonious! What Trump told the Russians is no problem! Trump will MAGA!

THE REAL SCANDAL=>WaPo Source Leaked Classified Info That President Trump Wasn’t Even Briefed On

Yesterday, Wapo came out with a hit piece claiming that Trump shared classified Intel with the Russians last week in a meeting that was closed off to the U.S. press. The real scandal is that WaPo claimed in their article that President Trump disclosed the city of where the intelligence was gathered to the Russians but the President was never even briefed on this information.

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