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Le Pen slaughtered! Globalist counter attack after Trump! Trump will MAGA!

FRANCE SURRENDERS: Macron Pummels Le Pen – Geller Report

France has chosen to go quietly into the cold, dark night. Instead of rising up against the jihad and islamization of France, they have chosen to submit to the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth. They voted for submission over freedom. France is finished.

Judiciary is crucial to MAGA! Trump will MAGA!

Donald Trump to nominate slate of conservative judges

President Trump is announcing his selection Monday of five conservative nominees to federal appeals courts, building on his successful nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The White House said Mr. Trump intends to nominate a “third wave” of judicial candidates including Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen and Louisville, Kentucky attorney John K.

Trump gave churches right to speak politically! ACLU thinks that is only for Islam! Trump will MAGA!

White House: ACLU lawsuit threat shows anti-religion, anti-GOP bias

The White House said the American Civil Liberties Union showed its true colors Thursday by threatening a lawsuit to block President Trump’s executive order that protects political speech by religious institutions and faith-based groups. “I don’t think anybody is surprised at the ACLU wants to come out against Republicans,” said White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Government shutdown in fall! Trump will MAGA!

Mulvaney: A ‘Good’ Government Shutdown Would ‘Drain the Swamp’ – Breitbart

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said President Donald Trump’s tweet about a good government shutdown means he was willing “to think outside the box and do things differently” in order to “drain-the-swamp.”

How did Rube Trump develop so much Chinese support! Trump will MAGA!

Dr. Sebastian Gorka Discusses New Geo-Political Alliances with Brian Kilmeade…

Are people beginning to catch on? Are people beginning to identify the long-ball strategy of a non-traditional approach toward geo-political alliances? Apparently, some are – because North Korea is not happy with the heavy pressure coming from Big Panda, China. As identified within this radio interview between Dr. Gorka and Brian Kilmeade…

Voter fraud is democrat secret weapon! Trump will MAGA!

Iowa Gov. Signs Voter ID Law

Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstaad signed a voter identification law Friday morning that requires voters to show ID at polls beginning in 2019 and reduces the state’s early voting period to 29 days. “We welcome Iowa to the growing collection of states enacting necessary reforms to prevent against voter fraud and boost confidence in our elections,” Public Interest Legal Foundation President and General Counsel J.

Democrats don’t care that illegals hurt economy! They want the dreamer votes! Trump will MAGA!

Illegal Immigration Hurts The Economy & Depresses Wages. Period.

The left and the neocons screech at the same pitch when it comes to illegal immigration-they both love it. Liberals get to “feel good” about helping poor, innocent dreamers (even if it’s our own people that are often the victims).

Trudeau wants to challence Trump on trade LOL! US has all the leverage! Trump will MAGA!

Trade Fool – Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens Ban on U.S. Coal, Oregon: Wine, Plywood Imports…

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be cowering to the demands of British Columbia Provincial Premier Christy Clark who asked for retaliatory trade action against Oregon and the Pacific Northwest after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced a tariff on Canadian soft-wood imports. Yesterday (Friday) Prime Weasel Trudeau threatened to ban shipments of U.S.

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