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Trump begining to remake judiciary! Trump will MAGA!

Trump Makes Progress Packing Courts With Conservative Picks

A Senate panel cleared several of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees Thursday, just hours before the White House announced its fifth slate of judicial candidates. The day was a productive one for an administration facing an unprecedented number of vacancies on federal courts.

Strong G20 for Trump! Trump will MAGA!

TRUMP KILLED IT at G20 — But You Wouldn’t Know it Unless You Read the Foreign Press

President Donald Trump just completed his first G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. The New York Times headline made it look like Trump had a bad week. The Times fears that the US is isolated on the world stage. That’s what they want you to think.

Analysis of G20! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Wins – G20 Concedes on Climate Treaty and Trade Provisions…

The left-wing media are trying desperately to put their best-face-spin on their concessions to President Trump surrounding climate change and free/fair trade provisions included within the G20 Communique. However, the verbiage directly and specifically paves the way for the U.S. team to begin leveraging economic market power with unilateral trade agreements.

Trump N Korea options! Trump will MAGA!

Trump on North Korea: “I have some pretty severe things we’re thinking about”…

The Big Panda is positioned to feel the Big Hurt if they don’t take action… First Lady Melania Trump wore a purposeful red jacket today as she was seated at the G20 during President Trump’s remarks to the summit leaders with Chinese President Xi Jinping seated next to him.

US Russia agreement in Syria! So sorry Neo Con scum! Trump will MAGA!

Breaking – US, Russia Reach Syria Cease-Fire Deal After 2 Hour Meeting

Hamburg, Germany – The United States and Russia have reached agreement on a cease-fire in southwest Syria, three U.S. officials said Friday as President Donald Trump held his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Associated Press reports. AP reports: The deal marks a new level of involvement for the U.S.

Importance of Trump’s Poland speech!! Trump will MAGA!

Top 9 Highlights from Emerging Trump Doctrine: West Will ‘Never, Ever Be Broken’ – Breitbart

Before meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump also outlined the common threats the West must confront-like open borders and radical Islamic terrorism-and said the West must have the “will to survive” to ensure that those who “fought and bled and died for freedom” did not do so in vain.

Trumps election investigation is triggering Dems! it should! ! Trump will MAGA!

Dems File Emergency Lawsuit To Stop Trump From Protecting America’s Elections

Advertisement Click Here To Share On Facebook! Click Here To Share On Twitter!The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed an emergency lawsuit to stop President Trump’s Commission on voter fraud investigation. The center has led a serious push for privacy in the Digital Age, but this move smacks of partisan politics.

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