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Trump trolls podesta! Trump will MAGA!

Donald Trump tweets that G-20 participants are talking about John Podesta’s emails

President Trump tweeted Friday that many at the G-20 summit in Germany were talking about the hacking at the Democratic National Committee. “Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Better trade deals equal better economy! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Prepares Economic Team For Upcoming Challenge – Generational Trade Geography…

A “SME” (pronounced ‘smee’) is a Subject Matter Expert. President Trump’s entire cabinet is an assembly of specific SME’s for a specific economic purpose. The entire landscape of modern geopolitics is an assembly of various nations specifically focused on their economic interests. Fundamentally, the economics of a nation is the cornerstone for their ability to…

Trump hand shake hoax! Trump will MAGA!

Andrzej Duda on Twitter

Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump @POTUS after a great visit. Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS.

Trumps strategy regarding North Korea ! Trump will MAGA!

Trump Doesn’t Bluff – Observers, Writ Large, Continue To Find Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable…

Sharing only because CTH readers have a more thorough understanding than most; and we are entering a phase of extreme consequence. Donald Trump doesn’t bluff. Bluffing is for those who accept they may or may not win. The outcome is based on an unpredictable response from the opponent.

ISIS is almost gone! Who new! Trump will MAGA!

Secretary Rex Tillerson Discusses Syria and Russia En Route To G20 Summit…

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a statement on the situation in Syria just prior to leaving for the G20 Summit. That statement surrounds the reality that ISIS is almost defeated, they are down to less than a few miles of occupied space within their control. That statement follows the video.

Britain refuses to let parents save child. They raised money privately! British health service denied treatment! Trump offered to help! Shows horror of government health care! Trump will MAGA!

President Trump Offers Aid To Charlie Gard’s Parents Following U.K. Death Panel Decision…

Charlie Gard was born healthy 10 months ago, but suffers from a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome and has serious brain damage. His parents have raised over $1.5 million to fund a trip to the United States for an experimental treatment. British medical professionals are refusing to allow his parents to remove Charlie…

Trump tweets protecting Obamacare negotiators from killing Grandma charges!? Trump will MAGA!

Is Trump Making Himself An Easy Target On Purpose To Deflect From The Healthcare Debate? – News Nuke

You may not know it but there’s another Republican-led healthcare bill currently in the process of being negotiated and passed. Yes, after the first Obamacare-replacement bill didn’t garner enough Senate support in May and was pulled, President Trump is once again mediating and deal-making – but this time, seemingly behind the scenes …

Trump trolling states refusing to allow voter fraud investigation! Trump will MAGA!

Trump chides states for not complying with voting commission

President Trump on Saturday questioned why some states won’t comply with a request from his voting commission for information about voters, asking, “What are they trying to hide?” Populous and liberal-leaning states such as California and New York are refusing to comply.

Trump freaking Europe’s elites! Great for America! Trump will MAGA!

Angela Merkel Reflects Fear and Loathing Amid EU Elites…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered some rather strongly worded remarks in advance of the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg Germany. Reuters frames the Merkel statements as a warning to U.S. President Donald Trump. (Reuters) German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to fight for free trade and press on with multilateral efforts to combat climate change at…

Trump voters gave a giant finger to establishment! That’s our right so BTFO! Trump will MAGA!

Donald Trump leadership style should be given a chance

I have been politically active for over 25 years. I have been a part of political fundraising for many worthy politicians. I was a part of the inner circle as the wife of Robert Mosbacher, former secretary of Commerce for President George H.W. Bush.

The disaster that is Obamacare! Repeal it!! Trump will MAGA!

COMMENTARY: Do the math: Replacing Obamacare is a must

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple and spell things out slowly for liberals – and RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) such as GOP Sen. Dean Heller. Here is some simple “old school” math. First, Obamacare is bankrupting every Obamacare exchange. Minuteman Health announced its failure last week.

Trump makes an important point! Trump will MAGA!

Trump To Media: I’m President, You’re Not

President Donald Trump slammed the news media in a speech during a veteran’s event in Washington, D.C. Saturday evening. The president used the podium at the evangelical event to comment on the ongoing feud with members of the national media, adding that several members of the “fake media” are attempting to silence conservatives in general.

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